About us

My husband had to receive testing on his lungs from work required every three years. His results at age 35 was that he had the lung age of 62 years old and had the high risk of C.O.P.D. He could hardly walk up the stairs without taking breaks. We had tried everything to quit smoking without success and with many terrible side effects. After picking up a pen style vape device at the gas station it worked, as far as stopping the urge to smoke, but the device itself was junk! It rarely worked, battery didn't last, ect... Looking online we found several homemade devices and tried those. In doing so we learned how they worked, ect... We never returned to smoking!!!! He had his lungs retested a few years later. The results showed that he now had normal aged lungs for his age with no signs of smoking or risk of C.O.P.D. That was enough for us to know we were on the right path to help our family, friends, and community on their journey to a smoke free life! In 2013 we started our first shop. There were no other shops in our area. My husband quit his job a year later and we began our journey to change others lives! We now keep those results posted in both our current shops. It changed our lives, our health, our kids lives, and so much more! We believed it was God's calling for us! We are family owned, small business, and have friends and family that work with us to create a team with the same goals as we do.
(Store 1) 111 Landry St. Sulphur, Louisiana 70663 (337) 563-5217 
(Store 2) 271 Hwy 171 Suite 600 Moss Bluff, Louisiana 70611 (337) 215-2074 with Drive Thru
*If your are interested in wholesale information you can call either shop or (337) 309-8439 and ask for Crystal Burdick or email thevaporstoponline@yahoo.com.
 You can also check out our media pages:
(Store 1) https://facebook.com/thevaporstop
(Store 2) https://facebook.com/thevaporstop.2
Instagram: balboavapesdripsauce
See our Policy Page for CPSC Child Proof Conformity or ask for more information as a wholesaler